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Got questions? We've got answers!

Have Clopr's smart contracts been audited? Yes ! ๐Ÿ‘‡

Where is Clopr's headquarters located? We are a privately funded registered company. You can read about our company details in the StoryNFT license ->Story NFT License. Our tech team (blockchain tech) is based at StationF

I am concerned about connecting my NFTs to the dApp, can you provide an alternative? At Clopr, we prioritize the security and safety of our users NFTs. That's why we have made sure that all of our smart contracts are compatible with the delegate.cash SDK. This feature allows our users to utilize a hot wallet that they don't care about as a proxy to act on behalf of their cold wallet. By doing so, they do not have to risk their precious NFTs when interacting with Clopr's smart contracts. In simpler terms, you can easily mint a Story NFT with a delegated hot wallet that does not own the NFT drinking, providing you with an added layer of security and peace of mind.

How do you protect the community's best interest after the mint? To ensure the satisfaction of our community and increase the value of the CloprBottle NFT, we have set up our tech in a way that we are ready to scale up in order to release more exclusive potions. It is important to remember that Clopr is privately funded and that all the tech is deployed before any mint happens. Trust is important to us and we are committed to increasing the value of the CloprBottle NFT. We will continue to be transparent in our actions and decisions by having the community monitor "clopr.eth" wallet.

Why Is Clopr trustworthy? We have developed the "Potion Tech" and built the Clopr dApp for a very long time - we started back in January 2022 - with amazing people, all fully doxxed that have their reputations at stake. We are an established company and our tech team is based at a very popular tech hub in Paris (StationF). When you mint a CloprBottle NFT you do not need to wait for Clopr to deliver: it already works! #CloprDeliverFirst

Does a newly minted Story NFT change or affect the underlying NFT? Absolutely not! When a Story NFT is minted it does not change the underlying NFT in any way. You will see a new NFT in your wallet after the underlying NFT consumes the potion. The ownership of this new Story NFT is hard-coded to be linked to the underlying NFT, that's it.

Can a Story NFT really increase the value of my NFT? Here is a simple analogy โฌ‡๏ธ Let's say you have two identical cars. One has some extra car features and the other one is the same model with no extra features. Even though they are the same make and model, the one with extra car features is obviously worth more. Similarly, in the world of NFTs, an NFT that owns another unique NFT will be worth more than one without any. Giving an NFT access to the utility on top of its original collectability can be considered the car with extra features (like heated seats).

Bear in mind that not everyone wants heated seats or will pay more for them.

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