Introducing Clopr

Making Customized Digital Assets token-bound to NFTs

What is Clopr?

Clopr refers to the tech company that serves as a central hub for all communities to give their NFTs the power to create and own customized derivative digital assets. Our NFT collection, "CloprBottle," gives users the power to generate customized on-chain derivative assets that are token-bound to their favorite NFTs. The CloprBottle NFT is the key component that makes everything work on-chain and off-chain.

What does a token-bound asset mean for Clopr?

A token-bound asset refers to a digital collectible that is securely tied to its original creator - the NFT drinking from the CloprBottle - and cannot be transferred to another web3 wallet without it. This binding process takes place on-chain, ensuring the authenticity and uniqueness of the asset.

After drinking the powerful potion ๐Ÿงช The BAYC #3291 is now the owner of a Story NFT.

If you decide to sell your BAYC #3291 ๐Ÿ’ฐ, the new owner will also get its Story NFT.

It is a no-brainer The BAYC #3291 just became rarer ๐Ÿ”ฅ

How to become the largest token-bound NFT factory?

Clopr utilizes its proprietary software, which combines the original NFT traits and image reading technology, to generate algorithmically unique results. With the CloprBottle, individuals can leverage this technology to create customized and derivative digital assets. Initially, the CloprBottle focuses on generating Story NFTs, which add layers of complexity and collectability to digital art that go beyond hard-coded attributes.

First, On-chain: derivative-asset offerings

Story NFT is only the beginning of what we can do as a derivative asset class and serves to showcase our tech, add value to the CloprBottle NFT, and grow as a hub for all communities. Clopr aims to create the largest token-bound NFT factory by expanding its derivative asset offerings to music, art, and licenses, among others.

Then, Off-chain

In addition to on-chain TokenBound use cases, the CloprBottle NFT provides off-chain (IRL) experiences, real-life activations, and access to prime locations. By becoming a community of communities, Clopr promotes the mass adoption of NFT technology.

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