Rarity Attributes and token-bounds

A New Rarity Formula Powered by Token-Bound Assets

Driving Change in NFT Marketplaces

Clopr's smart-contracts revolutionize the NFT space by enabling an NFT to possess other Token-Bound NFTs on-chain. This groundbreaking technology positions us as pioneers in the field, marking a significant milestone for Clopr.

In traditional NFT valuation, the rarity of hard-coded attributes, the project's utility, and speculative market forces dictate the value of an NFT, leaving collectors with limited control. However, at Clopr, we empower you to regain control over the rarity of your NFTs.

We envision a future where NFT marketplaces adopt our innovative approach, showcasing the attached Token-Bound assets alongside the original NFT. Just as marketplaces have embraced hard-coded attributes, we anticipate the adoption of our method, further enhancing the value and desirability of NFTs.

A new formula beyond hard-coded attributes

The StoryPotion, available at the CloprHouse, allows any NFT to mint its unique Story NFT as an on-chain derivative asset and to own it. This means that in addition to the hard-coded attributes and value that an NFT may already have, the NFT can now also own a digital asset in the form of its own story. This adds another layer of complexity to the NFT, as it now has both its own attributes and the added ownership of a unique digital asset such as a Story NFT.

With Clopr, you can be at the forefront of this evolution, reclaiming agency over your NFTs' rarity and unlocking their full potential in the marketplace.

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