StoryPotion: Story NFT

The shrinking StoryPotion tank

Imagine a big tank filled with liquid, called StoryPotion. Whenever CloprBottles are refilled with it, the level of the StoryPotion in the tank decreases. Additionally, as Story NFTs are minted, their supply also lowers with the "Burn for value".

🧪 The StoryPotion Tank: Decreasing with Each Refill

Get as many refills as you want for as long as there are still some potions left in the tank. The tank holds the promise of 40,000 StoryPotion refills, each acting as a gateway to a new and captivating Story NFT. With each CloprBottle refill, the level of StoryPotion in the tank decreases.

  • 40,000 StoryPotion refills maximum available in a full tank

  • 1 StoryPotion consumed mints 1 Story NFT

The same NFT can mint multiple Story NFTs by drinking StoryPotion multiple times.

🧪 The Story NFT Supply: Decreasing with Each Burn

Each time a unit of StoryPotion is consumed, it gives life to a Story NFT. However, holders have the unique power to burn Story NFTs, a process that can extend stories, add to their lore, and increase their rarity. As a result, the supply of the Story NFT collection is in constant decrease at the rate of each burned Story NFT.

  • Story NFT Ever-Changing supply in constant decrease

  • Unanswered questions remain to establish its final supply 👀🔥

    • How many StoryPotions will be consumed?

    • How many Story NFTs will be burned?

Story NFT supply = StoryPotions consumed 🧪 - Story NFTs burned🔥

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