Clopr - Docs V3.2

The Basics

Power any NFT with a CloprBottle NFT
Give your favorite NFT the power to mint 🧪
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Clopr Lingo

  • Clopr: Project name and brand -> (
  • CloprHouse: dApp launched on the Ethereum blockchain ->(
  • CloprBottle NFT: The only existing bottle that can contain powerful potions suitable for NFT consumption - limited supply and refillable starting with StoryPotion.
  • StoryPotion: Refers to the first type of potion that, when drunk from a CloprBottle NFT, mints a Story NFT. It is the first of many potions to come.
  • Story NFT: The initial example of the numerous derivative-asset possibilities that can be created using a CloprBottle NFT. The ownership of a Story NFT is uniquely tied to the specific NFT that consumed the potion, resulting in a customized and inseparable connection.
  • Underlying NFT (uNFT): The NFT that drank the content of a CloprBottle NFT, consequently creating a new derivative asset Token-Bound to itself.