Mint a Story NFT

Fill your CloprBottle NFT with StoryPotion and mint a Story NFT

A Six-Step Custom Scenario

The Story NFTs consist of 6 pages, each representing a step in the custom-build scenario, with text and images to bring the story to life. These Story NFTs are token-bound to the underlying NFT, meaning they are transferred together if the NFT is sold, allowing for interactive customization and derivative creation. This creates a fun way of interacting with your favorite collectibles, giving you the power to customize them and build your own derivatives literally attached to them.

The process of token-bound Story NFTs

Step 1: Acquire a CloprBottle NFT CloprBottles are the only bottles that can contain powerful potions suitable for NFT consumption.

Step 2: Fill the CloprBottle NFT with StoryPotion StoryPotion is the first potion available. It allows any NFT drinking the potion to mint its unique Story NFT as an on-chain asset and to own it.

Step 3: Drink the CloprBottle NFT Once a CloprBottle NFT is filled with StoryPotion, it can be consumed by any NFT. This action mints a Story NFT that is permanently owned by the underlying NFT.

The Story NFT #100 belongs to BAYC #3291

Story NFT #100 cannot be sold or transferred. Its ownership is tied to BAYC #3291

"0xc3a5..." sells his BAYC #3291 to "0x8aac...". Ownership of Story NFT #100 is transferred to "0x8aac..." as it becomes the new owner of BAYC #3291.

Hollywood Writers and Technology

The stories are written by renowned Hollywood writers and combined with our powerful in-house technology to ensure story production. All stories are open-ended, and for good reason ๐Ÿ‘€. The Story NFT fits perfectly into a personalized and captivating template to capture the essence of the NFT drinking along with a proper license and plagiarism report to signify authenticity.

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