Step-by-Step Guide

How to use your CloprBottle filled with StoryPotion
Drink to mint
Step 1: Obtain a CloprBottle NFT either by minting or purchasing one.
Step 2: Access the dApp using a compatible wallet that holds the CloprBottle NFT
Use a proxy wallet: Our smart contracts are compatible with the SDK which allows you to use a hot wallet that can act as a proxy on behalf of your cold wallet. In simpler terms, you can mint a Story NFT with a delegated hot wallet that does not own the NFT drinking or even the CloprBottle NFT, providing you with an added layer of security and peace of mind.
Step 3: "Age" (stake) your CloprBottle NFT to enable actions within the dApp
To be able to perform any action on the dApp the CloprBottle NFT must be "aging" (Staked)
Step 4: Choose a potion to fill your CloprBottle NFT - only StoryPotion available for now🧪
If you minted your CloprBottle NFT, it comes pre-filled with StoryPotion.
Step 5: Select the NFT you want to consume the StoryPotion
Step 6: Drink the StoryPotion, and your NFT will now own a Story NFT (1/6)
The Story NFT is minted, and its first page takes one day to reveal.
Step 7: Visit the dApp dashboard to reveal the second page of the Story NFT (2/6)
Subsequent pages can be revealed every day and a complete Story NFT consists of six pages.
Step 8: Refill your CloprBottle to mint another Story for the same or a new NFT.