Business Potion Provider

To build a web3 hub for all NFT communities
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What is the "Business Potion Provider" about?

The Business Potion Provider Program is a strategic B2B initiative by Clopr to harness the potential of its potion ecosystem for all NFT collections. This program aims to empower the community and expedite the deployment of new potions. By participating in the program, individuals become active contributors to our revolution while ensuring that the value created flows back to the CloprBottle NFT. Our B2B program establishes a framework that enables the rapid development and integration of new potions, fostering a dynamic and inclusive ecosystem.

To craft the future of NFTs with potion tech

Clopr is a web3 hub for entrepreneurs and blockchain enthusiasts who believe in the future of crypto. Our goal is to connect with like-minded individuals to further this vision and become a community of communities that promotes the mass adoption of blockchain technology.
More potions, More Value Creation
StoryPotion is just the beginning, offering a glimpse into the immense potential of our technology. Upcoming potions will allow you to refill, reveal, mint, and burn assets such as music, art 1:1, keys, and more. The customization options are limitless, and we're pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved.
All potions 🧪 deployed at the CloprHouse by Clopr, partners and the community must follow a strict Potion Framework to ensure sustainable growth:
📌 Potion-produced derivative assets belong to the NFT drinking the potion 📌 Potion-produced derivative assets are customized to the NFT drinking the potion
📌 Potion-produced derivative assets can benefit from: 1️⃣ Refill action - Custom Tokenomics 2️⃣ Reveal action - User experience and art building 3️⃣ Burn action - Adding value and supply control

To make token-bound derivative assets for other NFT collections

Our B2B (Business Potion Provider) is designed to grow Clopr's ecosystem by bringing value to other NFT collections. Once set up, our "Bottle & Potion" package can scale over time with more potions for collections willing to work with us. We think of our B2B as a win-win: More potions deployed to our dApp bring more value to the CloprBottle and to the collection working with us.
Clopr's web3 minting dApp enables one-click generation of token-bound derivative assets using our proprietary technology, adding utility and value to your product (NFTs and beyond)
Pre-mint NFT collections
Bottle & Potion package designed to help collections that are about to mint.
Post-mint NFT collections
Bottle & Potion package designed to help collections that have already been minted.