Problem & Solution

Problem: Utility | Solution: Clopr

The Problem: Lack of Use Cases and Utilities

The NFT industry has encountered significant challenges in creating new use cases and utility for NFT projects. This lack of diversification and utility has resulted in a decline in value for many projects, as they heavily rely on the attention economy for sustainability. NFT collectors lack options to enhance their assets without coding or artistic skills. The reliance on attribute rarity has led to an abundance of NFT flipping, where NFTs are bought and sold solely based on their aesthetic appeal or brand recognition. Without meaningful ways to engage with NFTs beyond the initial purchase, holders have shown less long-term interest in their collections. This has posed a pressing issue for the industry, as thousands of NFTs struggle to remain relevant.

Our Solution: Token-Bound Derivative Assets

Clopr addresses the problem by empowering NFT owners to improve their NFTs' interactivity and utility without any coding or artistic skills. The future of NFTs lies in their utility more than speculation. Through its dApp, Clopr is making it possible for NFTs to mint Token-Bound derivative assets. Clopr strives to expand its ecosystem beyond Story NFTs and collaborate to enhance NFTs with more Token-bound derivate assets.
CloprBottle NFTs offer external utility, allowing any NFT from any ecosystem to own customized derivative assets. This approach expands the range of use cases for NFTs beyond their own ecosystem, making them more valuable to you and others. In fact, your NFT provides you with the right to leverage any intellectual property (IP) from its derivative assets: Story NFT License
This empowers NFT owners to participate in a vision where NFTs have multiple layers of utility and increased possibilities for their favorite assets. We are committed to realizing our vision of 'NFTs Owning NFTs' by providing CloprBottle NFT holders with a unique power and utility both on-chain and off-chain. Our inaugural IRL CloprHouse in Paris serves as a pilot, laying the groundwork for future CloprHouses where any holder can establish their own connection between the digital and physical realms.