Story NFT & StoryPotion

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What is a Story NFT? A Story NFT can be thought of as a unique and personalized digital book that is created when a CloprBottle NFT filled with StoryPotion is consumed. The Story NFT is associated with the NFT that drank the potion and aims to enhance its value by giving it ownership of a digital asset. It is a Tokenbound asset tied to an NFT.

How can my NFT drink a StoryPotion to create a Story NFT? Assuming you own a Cloprbottle NFT filled with StoryPotion: Connect to dApp -> Select NFT to give StoryPotion to -> Mint its Story NFT ๐ŸŽ‰ (Read more)

Will there be potions other than StoryPotion that I can use with my CloprBottle NFT? Absolutely! Our vision is to provide the Clopr community with multiple powerful potions in addition to StoryPotion. (Read about it)

Where can I see my Story NFTs? You can explore all Story NFTs at the CloprHouse or on the web as Story NFTs are publicly available. If you sign in with your wallet to access your user dashboard, you get access to more features when reading a Story NFT.

Why can't Story NFTs be sold or transferred? Story NFTs belong to their underlying NFTs. The reason for this is that Story NFTs are meant to increase the collectability and experience of the underlying NFTs, so it makes sense to keep that Story NFT bound to the same underlying NFT (TokenBound). In this way, it ensures that when the underlying NFT is sold, the Story NFT is "sold together."

Is the Story NFT a "SoulBound" token? No. SoulBound tokens are permanently bound to the wallet they belong to and may never be transferred to another wallet under any circumstances. Story NFTs, on the other hand, are bound to other underlying NFTs (not wallets), which is what we call Tokenbound and if an underlying NFT is transferred or sold to a new wallet, its Story NFT is also transferred to the same new wallet (Clopr's EIP).

What happens if I do not like the story of my NFT? You can ๐Ÿ”ฅburn to add value๐Ÿ”ฅ

Are there any rarity attributes for Story NFTs? You can add more pages to an existing Story NFT by burning. The more pages a Story NFT has, the rarer it is ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Can I personalize the Story NFT to my own specifications? Story NFTs are unique and cannot be edited by anyone. Our AI and scriptwriters customize them based on the attributes, and artwork... associated with the NFT drinking the StoryPotion.

What kind of NFTs are the Stories? A Story NFT is a digital story: ERC721 (TokenBound)

What is the Clopr's EIP? Clopr introduces a revolutionary approach to ownership by allowing NFTs to own other NFTs. To achieve this, we have created a new standard that we will submit to the Ethereum Foundation:Clopr's EIP: uNFT.

What is the license associated with the Story NFT? Generated Story NFTs have a special, full-right license built into their smart contract. Our lawyers have customized the license from the well-known "Can't be Evil NFT License" by a16zcrypto. We want to give our community the most permissive license to protect their rights and bring value to the Story NFT. We also provide an easy-to-understand "Explain It Like I'm 5" description of the license here.

Who writes the stories? At Clopr, we believe in creating stories that are truly unique. Our experienced Hollywood scriptwriters make use of our StoryPotion AI tech to craft stories that are tailored specifically to each NFT's individual attributes and details.

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