IRL Club

The Pilot

In the real world, the CloprBottle NFT serves as an exclusive pass to prime locations, offering tangible benefits and rewards to its holders.

To kickstart this journey, one of Clopr's existing restaurants will be transformed into a vibrant hub for blockchain enthusiasts and NFT communities, providing a gathering place for like-minded individuals to experience:

  • Digital art gallery

  • Coffee shop | light F&B

  • Networking & IRL activities

  • Event hosting

  • 🧪 Custom Derivative Asset workshop 🧪

It serves as a resource for NFT enthusiasts to create derivative collectibles for their digital assets, fostering knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the community.

The ultimate goal is to establish a comprehensive blueprint where token holders can own and manage new locations under the Clopr umbrella, leveraging the successful pilot location in order to expand the Clopr community's impact and engagement.

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