XP ranks & Rewards

"Your shot is your rank" ๐ŸŽฎ

Gain Experience Points (XP) to level up and unlock fantastic perks and rewards. By "aging" (soft staking) your CloprBottle NFT, you can refill it with potion and allow your unique NFT to drink from it, minting more valuable derivative assets. Each time you utilize your CloprBottle NFT, you will earn additional XP, enabling you to level up and enhance your overall experience!

XP-based ranking system

Ranks are determined based on the XP your CloprBottle accumulates.

Rank "shot"CloprBottle XPRewards

Bronze Shot



Silver Shot



Gold Shot



[Redacted] Shot



[Redacted] Shot



Gaining XP

Your CloprBottle XP is derived from the sum of the following actions:

ActionXP gain

Mint derivative assets (eg. Story NFTs)

50 XP

Claimable Daily Staking Boost

15 XP

Claimable Weekly Staking Boost

50 XP

Claimable Monthly Staking Boost

150 XP

To sell a CloprBottle NFT, it must first be unstaked. Be aware that unstaking may affect its total XP count (details below)

Losing XP

Unstaking your CloprBottle will reset all its claimed staking boost XPs but not its XP gained from minting derivative assets like Story NFTs.

XP origin actionUnstaking a bottle resets XP?

Mint derivative assets (eg. Story NFTs)

No XP reset On-chain XPs can never be reset and are part of the bottle metadata.

Claimable Staking Boosts

XP Reset Off-chain XPs are reset when the bottle is unstaked.

Claimable Staking Boosts: Off-Chain XP can reset if the bottle is unstaked. Earn XP by claiming them on the dApp when your CloprBottle is staked. These boosts are time-bound (00:00:01 to 23:59:59 CET) and reset if the bottle is unstaked.

Mint derivative assets (eg. Story NFTs): On-chain XP cannot be reset. Each time your CloprBottle is used to mint derivatives like Story NFTs, it gains XPs, increasing its "level" visible in its attribute metadata. These XPs, securely stored on-chain can never be reset, are cumulative and transferable to potential new buyers, offering an immediate XP boost.

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